Research and Development

The Centre for IT in Building Science (CBS) has been conducting various research and development from the fair and neutral perspective of a non-profit International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT).

The results of research and development are reflected in forming governmental policies and/or drawing up national technical standards, which are utilized for technology development, design and construction in private sectors as the "players". Those results are contributing to the improvement of housing, building and urban communities in India.

  • Early Design Optimization Tool

    EDOT is a tool that has been developed for architects to make early design decisions. The idea behind this tool is that designers should be able to incorporate energy efficiency in the early design stage of a building.

  • Surrogate City Finder

    Surrogate City Finder is a tool developed for locating the weather files for the places based on Latitude and Altitude Range, Temperature and Distance Range.

  • Base/Standard case Parameter Generator

    BDCC is a tool used to generate the basecase design models for a building with Compliance Check facility.

  • Comfort Tool

    Helps to visulaize the weather file data interms of Comfort, tool uses EnergyPlus simulations